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Committees » Land Conservation Committee/UW Extension

Community Members

Heather Pyatskowit (Vice Chair) - MITW Environmental Services
Ruth Winter - County Land Information
Mary Menore - FSA
Doug Cox (Alternate) - MITW Environmental Services


Jeremy Johnson - County Conservationist
Sherrie Reed - NRCS Conservationist
Wayne Towne - LLP&RD

Land Conservation Committee Purpose
The Menominee County LCC convenes to oversee all environmental concerns in Menominee County. Discussing both aquatic and terrestrial issues, a major goal is to protect the native environmental features of Menominee. Invasive species are a major concern that is discussed quite often. Preventing spread and educating the public on species such as zebra mussel and Eurasian water-milfoil.

Soil and Water Resource Management grant dollars are allocated through the direction of the LCC. Projects that are funded through this program include shoreland stabilization, habitat and buffers, well decommissioning, and diversions.

Forestry is another topic discussed, usually relating to oak wilt, gypsy moth, EAB prevention, and other insect and disease concerns.

Lake and river recreation will lead to discussions on dealing with abuse of natural habitats, shoreline protection, and keeping our surface waters clean.

The LCC works with the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin as well, reallocating $10,000 or more annually from the State allocated grant funds to Menominee County. MITW Environmental Services Department helps in the implementation of the County Land and Water Resource Management Plan.

County Board Current Members:
Liz Arnold
William Waubanascum Jr.

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